Clearinghouse Materials


The Early Childhood Clearinghouse is a resource library that allows early child care professionals to obtain training hours for licensing requirements. Professionals may use materials to obtain up to 50% of training hours needed within their biennium.

Clearinghouse materials can be requested either online or by visiting your local library. A library card is needed in either case. Click here to find your local library.

  1. Visit your local library and sign up for a library card.
  2. To request an item online:
    1. Go to
    2. Select your local library
    3. Click on "Advanced Search" (On the right side of the screen towards top)
    4. d. Enter known information (To search by Knowledge Area use Keyword)
      1. To search by Knowledge Area use Keyword
        • Family, Community and Cultural Relationships
        • Professionalism and Leadership
        • Active Learning Environment
        • Child Growth and Development
        • Program and Business Management
        • Guidance and Discipline
        • Health, Nutrition and Safety
      2. Enter "Wyoming STARS" as a Keyword
    5. Select "All WYLD Libraries" from library dropdown menu
    6. Select "Childcare" from item type dropdown menu
    7. Click Search
      1. This will display all Clearinghouse items in libraries across the state)
      2. To verify that an item is STARS approved, click Catalog Record and look for "Wyoming STARS". Both the knowledge area and number of credits will appear as a General Note.
      3. Check to see if the title you are looking for is available at your local library if so, select that copy.
    8. If not available, select copy from Laramie County Library – Cheyenne
    9. Click "Place Hold"
    10. Enter Library Card number and password
    11. Click "Request Item"
    12. If the item is being requested from a library other than your home library you will be directed to the interlibrary (ILL) request screen (You will be alerted to the charge for ILL from your local library. STARS will cover this fee through June 30, 2015)
    13. Click the radio button next to "No – I will only pay my library's fee"
    14. Click "Place ILL Request"
  3. This same procedure can also be completed in person at your local library
  4. Complete voucher and submit to local library

View the Clearinghouse Access Step Action Clearinghouse Webinar

After utilizing the clearinghouse materials, a Clearinghouse Evaluation form may be completed for STARS training hours and returned to the STARS.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (800) 400.3999 or

Search the Clearinghouse

You can search the Clearinghouse for materials by entering a search string below. In time, we hope to provide a link from the information below directly to the WYLD catalog to aid in access.

Enter a single keyword to find all materials that reference that keyword.

To find all materials that reference a keyword and another keyword, enter keyword1 & keyword2.

As an example, to search for materials that refer to both “child” and “behavior”, enter child & behavior.

Title or Description Search:
Media Type:
Health, Nutrition and Safety (HNS) Active Learning Environment (ALE)
Child Growth and Development (CGD) Guidance and Discipline (G&D)
Family, Community and Cultural Relationships (FCCR) Program and Business Management (PBM)
Professionalism and Leadership (PL) Infant
Early Childhood School Age
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  Download a PDF file of All Items

Individuals who choose to access pre-approved early childhood resources through alternative means for viewing on an e-reader or dvd/video rental company for STARS credit should call the STARS office to obtain reference numbers. This will also allow the individual to confirm the book or dvd/material is the same edition and copyright date as the item that is in the clearinghouse.

If the item is not seen on the clearinghouse list then you must fill out an Approval Request Form for Clearinghouse Materials From External Sources application for review and consideration of STARS credit ahead of time.